Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years.


Homeopathy focus on treating each person as unique individuals so as to stimulate their own healing ability. This completely removes the chances of a person getting treated on as a mere collection of disease labels.

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic


A Homeopathy doctor select medicines only after thoroughly analysing the individual’s specific symptoms and personal health and primary importance is on root level treatment.


Homeopathic medicines are perfectly safe and free from adverse effects. They are risk-free for even new-born babies as well as during pregnancy, and for aged patients.

Dr. Sreekumar's Homeopathic Clinic

The advanced homeopathic clinic of Dr Sreekumar has spread its wings to mainly three areas across Kerala. All the three clinics provide world class treatment, facilities and medicines.

The first clinic was started in 1996 in a place called Pariyapuram in Malappuram district. For all these years, we have been providing trust worthy treatment for various diseases. In this clinic, we will be doing consultations by prior appointment only.

With the success of our first clinic, we started our second branch in 1997 at Trikkandiyur in Malappuram district. We have Dr Jasna Rose as the duty doctor here. Our third branch is situated at Kakkanad in Ernakulam district. Here we are offering advanced and world class homeopathic healthcare since 2014.

Dr Sreekumar’s Homeopathic Clinic is considered with highest regard from the very first day of its accomplishment mainly because of its well-experienced staff. We dispense only high quality medicines to our patients. We have provision to send medicines via courier. We do not support over the counter sales.


Our mission is to provide healthcare for a broad range of diseases through homeopathy.


Dr Sreekumar’s Homeopathic Clinic envisions to be the premier Homeopathy treatment provider, both online as well as offline.

We serve you better...

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Dr Sreekumar A (BHMS, M.D HOM)

Dr Sreekumar is the backbone of Dr Sreekumar’s Homeopathic clinic and a great visionary who aims at building a healthy community with his medicinal skills. He completed his graduation from Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Calicut with the 1st Dr Prakasam Memorial Gold Medal for securing the highest marks in the BHMS examination among all the 3 universities in Kerala. He took his post-graduation too from the same college. His thesis was on allergic rhinitis. For the past 21 years, he is working as the Chief Consultant in the department dealing with diseases of adults.


Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic



Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic




Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Mind

- Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
- Learning Disabilities

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Nervous System

- Epilepsy
- Tremors
- Neuralgia

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Respiratory System

- Bronchial Asthma
- Childhood Asthma
- Allergic Disorders

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Digestive System

- Acidity
- Gas
- Gastric Ulcers
- Piles
- Mouth Ulcers

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Urinary System

- Urinary Infections
- Urinary Stones

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic


- Migraine
- Sinusitis
- Tension Headaches

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of ENT

- Infections of Ear, Nose and Throat

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Tonsils

- Tonsillitis
- Adenoiditis

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Thyroid

- Hypothyroidism
- Thyroiditis

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Skin

- Eczema
- Urticaria
- Psoriasis
- Dandruff
- Vitiligo
- Pimples

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Muscles

- Fibromyalgia
- Backache
- Muscle Cramps

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Joints

- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Raised Uric Acid

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Uterus

- Fibroid
- Endometrial Thickening
- Endometriosis

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Ovary

- Polycystic Ovaries
- Ovarian Cysts

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Diseases of Prostate

- Enlarged Prostate

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Viral Diseases

- Measles
- Mumps
- Chicken Pox
- Hepatitis A

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Bacterial Diseases

- Typhoid
- Dysentry
- Boils
- Carbuncles
- Folliculitis

Dr Sreekumar Homeopathic Clinic

Fungal Diseases

- Ring Worm
- Tinea Versicolor
- Paronychia

Contact Us

Branch - 1

APM Apartments, Ambalakulangara,
Trikkandiyur, Tirur, Malappuram (dt)
Kerala, 676104


Working hours:
08:30AM – 6:30PM
(Sunday holiday) 

Branch - 2

Pookattupady road, Near Valathol Junction, Sea port Airport Road,
Trikkakara, Kakkanad,
Ernakulam (dt), Kerala, 682021


Working hours:
08:30AM – 06:30PM
(Monday, Wendesday, Thursday, Saturday)
04:30PM – 06:30PM
(Tuesday, Friday)
(Sunday holiday)